Product name : pallet racking
Material: : Q235
Packing: : plastic film as inner package
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Selective pallet racking is also called beam racking, it consists of upright frames, box beams, raw spacers and other parts, the max. load capacity of one unit rack can reach 4000kg per level. Goods are packed under a pallet, then the pallet is deposited or picked off from racks by forklift easily and freely. The beams can be used by laying steel decking, chipboards and wire decking.

This kind of racking system is the most popular and economic racking in the present, and it is very safe and easy, also it can use the space sufficiently. The racks can reach 11 meters high at max. Selective pallet racking now is widely used in factories, logistics centers, distribution centers and some storage supermarkets, etc.  

Structure: see below, one unit starter rack has two upright frames, but add-on bay has only one.

A. Upright: qualified steel, be rolled by forming line to be U-type section upright, making up a stable frame together with H-bracing & D-bracing, and some bolts & nuts.

B. Box beam/ beam cc: the beam is welded with two C-shape steel, mouth-to-mouth, this kind of section can strengthen beams loading capacity. When connecting with uprights, the special lock pins should be used, these pins can make sure the beams will not fall down when the racks suffers crash. 

C. Step beam: this kind of beams can be used together with steel or wood decking.

D. Other accessories