Product name : Drive-in racking
Material: : Q235
Packing: : plastic film as inner package
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Drive-in racking consists of upright frames, top beams, top & back bracings, support bars, support rails, etc. H
igh-intensive structure, the depth of racking is mainly composed of support bars and rails, which connect upright frames tightly. One tunnel of single-side drive-in racking should be stored less than 8 pallets, double-side racking should be stored less than 15 pallets.

Besides, unit weight of one pallet + goods should be within 1500kg, and the unit height should be within 2000mm. Drive-in racking uses space highly, almost two times than selective pallet racking, and the cost of one position of one pallet is more low, so it is very suitable for  storing small variety but large quantity goods. 

The way of operating pallets is first-in last-out, but this kind of drive-in racking is not very stable, so the racks can’t be so high, normally below 10m. Besides, the loading of one pallet can’t be too heavy. This kind of racking is normally used in dairy food, beverage, tobacco and so on, as well as some cold warehouses .

Analytical drawing of each parts:

A. Upright frames & protect rails: one frame consists of two uprights + H-bracings & D-bracings + bolts & nuts, stable structure. To avoid crashing when forklift entries into the tunnel of racks, we designed the protect rails in the bottom of frams, and in the two ends of one tunnel, we still put foot protector, normally, the protector is 500mm high.   


B. Support bar: be pressed in whole structure, no welding, good loading capacity, and nice look. When connecting with uprights, the special safety pins should be used, the pins can make sure the bars not fall down when the racks suffer crash. There are single-side bar and doule-side bar, the single-side bar is used in the two outsides of racks system, the double-side bar is used in the middle of racks.

C. support rails: be made of good quality cold steel, 2.0mm or 2.5mm thickness, be choosed according to loading request.