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Product name : push-back racking
Material: : Q235
Packing: : plastic film as inner package
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Push back pallet racking is high-intensive structure, it is suitable for storing small variety but large quantity goods. This racking system depends on the principle of First-in Last-Out. Forklift puts the first pallet on the carrying cart which is set under the oblique rollers path, when putting the second cart, the first cart will be pushed forward  along with the path. The first cart will be push forward into the path when the second cart is put on a pallet, then the second cart will be push forward again when the third cart is put on a pallet. However, the max. depth of the path is 5 pallets positions. Forklift will withdraw the last pallet, then the next pallet will slide on the edge position.

Push back pallet racking mainly consists of upright frames, beams, rollers path, carts, and so on.





1. High storage density, bad loading and unloading ability, normally, the storage pallets are three pieces in the depth direction.
2. Compared to the traditional pallet racking, this kind of racking can save 1/3 space, can adding storage density, but cant achieve the management of first in first out principle.
3. This kind of racks can be operated by normal forklift, suitable for small variety but large quantity goods, not suitable for too heavy goods, the goods can slide the front site automatically.