Product name : Shuttle racking
Material: : Q235
Packing: : plastic film as inner package
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Shuttle racking system is a special made racking system for shuttle which based on the structure of drive-in rack. Compared with drive-in racking system, it is more stable and secure. The depth of racking can be more than 30m to 60m which drive-in racking system can be only around 20m. Depending on the warehouse structure, the shuttle racking system can be also support for FILO and FIFO.

With a specific made guide rail, the shuttle can be moved on the racking system smoothly. And the end stopper is for prevent shuttle to fall down when moving. Due to different kind of shuttle, shuttle racking system can be made which according to the customers

Because the shuttle racking system no longer need the forklift to pick up the goods inside of tunnel, but a shuttle instead, the tunnel of shuttle racking system can be designed smaller. Therefore optimizing the warehouse performance.