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Product name : Cantilever racking
Material: : Q235
Packing: : plastic film as inner package
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Upright shaft is usually made of H type steel or cold rolling steel or frame, square tube, cold rolling steel or H type steel are used to make arms. Cantilevers are assembled to upright shafts by composite type or bolts&nuts which is also for the fixation between base and uprights. Level height is adjustable. Loading and unloading of goods can be done manually or by forklifts.

The height of cantilever racking is usually lower than 2500mm (the height up to 6000mmby using forklifts for loading); length of arm is shorter than 1200mm, and loading capacity is no more than 1200kg per arm. Cantilever racking is mainly used in the Mechanical Manufacturing Industry and markets for building materials.

There are three kinds of cantilever racking, light duty, medium duty and heavy duty, each kind of cantilever racking has different loading ability, as well as different material, see details as below: