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Product name : Steel platform racking
Material: : Q235
Packing: : plastic film as inner package
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1.  Steel platforms are mainly consisted by uprights, main beams, accessorial beams, steel floors, stairs and protection rails. Assembling in the whole structure, no need to welding in the sites. 

2.  The uprights are made of square tubes, round tubes and hot rolling H-type steel, the main and accessorial beams are made of hot rolling steel and cold-bending C-type steel, the material of floors are usually cold rolling steel, the structure is lock-up, between floors and main/accessorial beams, there are special designed locks. Compared with traditional checkered steel plates and steel gratings, the lock-up steel plates have many advantages, such as loading stronger, good integrity, good capacity equality, high accuracy, flat surface, lock easily, etc. also it is easy to assemble lighting system.  

  3. Forklift or lift platform deliver goods to the second or third floor, then trolleys or hydraulic platform carts deliver the goods to the pointed places. Compared to reinforced concrete, steel platforms have such features, building quicker, acceptable cost, easily assemble and disassemble, and can be moved to use, also, the appearance is more beautiful. The distance between two uprights is 4~6 meters, the height of the first floor is around 3 meters, for the second and third floor, the height is around 2.5 meters. The loading capacity of the floors is usually 300~1000kg per square meters.

4. This kind of steel platforms can make storage and management combine closely, upstairs or downstairs can be used as warehouse office. This kind of storage system are usually used to the third logistics, machinery manufacturing and other industries.